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Adventist Risk Management

With 150 employees covering 15,000 organizations, Adventist Risk Management needed a solution to track all of the many contacts and organizations that would be using its insurance coverage. Adventist does not force the organizations that are part of the church to be insured with them. This means that Adventist needs to win over its customers, thus Adventist needed a solution to track potential and current customers.

Senate of Pennsylvania

Historically, the Senate of Pennsylvania used an in house, homegrown database system. This system could not meet the demands of the growing constituent base. Because the database was slow and outdated, maintaining accurate and detailed information pertaining to the Senate's constituents was virtually impossible.

What people are saying about ContactWise

"At Adventist Risk Management, we provide the coverage and necessary qualities for our churches, our hospitals, and our schools. And because we believe in open enterprise, we do not force our organizations to insure with us... we actually have to really win our customers over. So, having this beautiful product [ContactWise] allows us keep in touch with all our organizations, and... provide better services to them."
-Charles M., Adventist Risk Management

"Now we have the ability to see exactly who does or does not have information pertinent to our business operations. And, with that certainty we can view who has confirmed for upcoming events, and more importantly, we can see responses from our contact lists on who responded positively or negatively to our efforts."
-Joe T., Hanify and King

"I just want to echo how responsive GroupLink® has been throughout our ownerships of ContactWise here. They have been continually responsive and supportive of us."
-David King, State of Texas (General Land office)

"In the past we experienced problems in virtually every aspect of our contact management and information operations. One of our greatest challenges was in our reporting capabilities. Now, with ContactWise, the ability to import information is literally at our fingertips."
-Vito C., Discount Car and Truck Rental

"The process of getting necessary emails out into the industry had been a very timely task before we implemented ContactWise. Working on [a Novell® GroupWise® or Microsoft® Outlook® platform], the ability to integrate GroupLink's technology was huge for us. The ability we now have to group and merge pertinent information to the appropriate channel has been a wonderful development for us. The ability to activate this software so quickly and seamlessly was an added bonus. The vast majority of our users were up and running after a one-day training. Our employees really like it. It does what they need it to do, and more."
-Patricia G., Tennessee Tourism