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everything HelpDesk® in the Cloud

everything HelpDesk by GroupLink® is now available as a hosted solution! This cloud offering gives you the ability to run a help desk without using the resources it takes to set up, configure, and maintain an internal server. Implement this solution to reduce overall costs and increase IT productivity.

Benefits of the hosted help desk solution:

help desk costs Lower Overall Costs
  • - Eliminate the need to maintain a costly server infrastructure
  • - Reduce man hours associated with server maintenance and configuration
  • - Avoid additional upfront costs
  • - Minimize overhead
help desk implementation Simplify Implementation
  • - Eliminate the installation process
  • - Instantly access the web portal and begin configuration
  • - Effortlessly integrate technologies
Help desk uptime Increase Uptime
  • - Guarantee 99% uptime of the help desk with redundant servers
  • - Allow users, technicians, managers, etc. to access the help desk anytime, anywhere
  • - Lower risks by having data secured and not residing on internal servers
help desk upgrade Automatic Software Upgrades
  • - Stay up-to-date with the latest version of everything HelpDesk
  • - Eliminate the time and effort associated with upgrading the software

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