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Help Desk Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is everything HelpDesk®?

GroupLink®'s everything HelpDesk is a powerful, mobile, web-based, user-friendly help desk software solution. This software fulfills the needs of multiple departments, including IT, HR, and Maintenance, for request/resolution tracking and workflow management. Customers' real-world implementations of this solution have resulted in dramatic increases in productivity and in rapid return on investment (ROI).

Can I try everything HelpDesk before I buy it?

Yes. We encourage you to test the help desk software before purchasing. You may download a 30 day trial HERE.

Is there a free version of everything HelpDesk?

Yes. To download the free version of everything HelpDesk, click HERE. This lite version includes three technicians. For full functionality and additional technician licenses, contact a GroupLink representative at 801-335-0702 or to discuss pricing, discounts, or promotions available for your organization.

Is everything HelpDesk available on-premise or in the cloud?

everything HelpDesk is available as either on-premise or hosted. These versions have the same features and functionality. To discuss the best option for your organization, please contact a GroupLink representative at 801-335-0702 or

How secure is my data?

Your everything HelpDesk implementation gives you state-of-the-art security options. For the on-premise version of everything HelpDesk, your data is as secure as you choose to make it. A blank database is available to you upon initial installation. From there, each customer is allowed to set its own security measures to best fit organizational needs.
The cloud version of everything HelpDesk is stored in an extremely secure external third-party data center. This data center is highly secured using electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. The data center is staffed by security guards and access is strictly monitored. In addition, all data back-ups are encrypted, and all traffic can also be encrypted.

Can I back-up my data?

Yes. The back-up process is simple and we encourage you to back-up your data frequently. For instructions on how to back-up your data, contact our support team at 801-335-0701 or

What are the system requirements for everything HelpDesk?

For a complete list of system requirements, click HERE.

What platforms are supported by everything HelpDesk?

For a list of supported platforms, click HERE.

Does everything HelpDesk support authentication from my directory?

For a list of supported LDAP integration, click HERE.

What email systems are supported for integration with everything HelpDesk?

For a list of supported email systems, click HERE.

What browsers are supported?

everything HelpDesk is 100% web based and can be accessed from any major browser. For a list of supported browsers, click HERE.

Can I access everything HelpDesk from my mobile device?

Yes. everything HelpDesk is mobile compatible, and features a specialized interface designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. The help desk software can also be accessed via other smart phones and tablets. Mobile accessibility allows technicians access to tickets while on the road, leading to increased productivity, reduced response time, and higher end user satisfaction. For a full list of supported mobile devices, click HERE.

How much return on investment will my organization see?

To calculate your return on investment, click HERE.

Do I get training and help with configuration of everything HelpDesk after I purchase the help desk software?

Yes. All initial purchases of the everything HelpDesk solution include training and configuration support. For additional assistance with configuration, training, or support, please contact our support team by calling 801-335-0701, emailing, or submitting a ticket through everything HelpDesk at

I'm switching from another product to everything HelpDesk. Can I migrate my information from my old system to everything HelpDesk?

Yes, it is possible to migrate data from a previous system to everything HelpDesk. To discuss your options with a GroupLink representative, call 801-335-0702 or email (Additional fees may apply.)

What are your customers saying about everything HelpDesk?

See customer success stories and testimonials by clicking HERE. These testimonials outline various customer experiences with everything HelpDesk. For examples on how customers are using the help desk software, view upcoming or past Customer Webinars by clicking HERE. Our monthly Customer Webinars feature new or innovative ideas on using the help desk software, and often show customer examples.

I would like to receive email notifications of promotions, upcoming webinars, and other news.

To opt-in to our email list, please send your first and last name, organization name, email, and phone number to Access current promotions, recent and upcoming webinars, and GroupLink news:
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If you have additional questions or would like more information about the help desk software, please contact a GroupLink representative at 801-335-0702 or If you would like to speak with a support representative, call 801-335-0701 or email