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Free Service Desk for Open Horizons Members

For years GroupLink® has been a leading provider of cutting edge technology and software worldwide. And now GroupLink's everything HelpDesk® and the Open Horizons team are proud to announce the upcoming release of the Free Service Desk for Open Horizons Members! GroupLink has supported the Open Horizons Community from its inception and has been present in the EMEA market for many years. During this time, GroupLink has added great value to Novell® environments through its integrated Novell service desk which features key integration with ZENworks® 7, ZEN 10, ZENworks 11, GroupWise® or Exchange, eDirectory or Active Directory® (LDAP), SUSE® Linux®, SLES® 9, 10, & 11, Novell's OES and OES2, or Windows®.

Free Service Desk

The FREE Service Desk comes with three Technician licenses and three Group licenses of eHD™'s lite version. It comes with unlimited end users and is 100% web based. The best part is that it comes coupled with 60 days of free consultation, support,and training from GroupLink's many trusted EMEA distributors.

The FREE Help Desk comes with:

  • Free Unlimited Software Upgrades, No Restrictions

  • No Contracts or Expiration Dates

  • Software that is completely Free of Ads

  • 60 Days of Free Consultation, Support, and Training

The FREE Help Desk Software Features Include:

  • Web-based Portal that Can be Accessed with Any Major Browser or with Your Smartphones

  • Email and Calendar Integration with Outlook®/Exchange, GroupWise and SMTP (Gmail, Yahoo!®, etc.) Clients

  • Email to Ticket Capabilities

  • Directory Integration with Microsoft®'s Active Directory, Novell's Directory Service (eDirectory), and Apple®'s Open Directory

  • Cross-Platform Support for Windows, Mac®, All Major Linux Distribution, and Novell

  • Backend Database Support for MySQL® 5.0 or higher, Oracle® 9i or higher, MS SQL Server® version 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL 7.3 or higher, and Sybase® 15 or lower

  • Powerful Built-in Reporting Tool for Customized Service Desk Reports

  • Fully Customizable Groups for Your Different Departments (IT, Facilities Maintenance, HR, Etc.)

  • Ticket Escalation and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) With the Scheduler

  • Surveys for Increased End-User Satisfaction

  • Public and Private Knowledge Base

  • And Much more..

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