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The K-12 Process Management Solution

GroupLink® will help ensure that your schools' Human Resource needs are effectively met. GroupLink's everything HelpDesk® opens the lines of communication between HR and teachers, students, principals, superintendents, and other school staff. This web based solution is easy to implement, configure, and use, and can be customized for your needs.

Human Resources Department

everything HelpDesk is the solution for managing HR processes in schools. By implementing this solution, HR can create an audit trail while managing requests, processes, and trainings. With the built-in Knowledgebase, HR can easily store forms, documents, and common solutions. This solution, which is accessible via any web device including smartphones and tablets, helps lower costs and increase productivity.

Here's how!

staffing process Manage Staffing Processes & Create Audit Trails
  • - Track performance, promotions, compensation, and disciplinary action
  • - Generate an audit trail for all issues, requests, trainings, and other information
  • - Automate new hire and recruitment processes with Ticket Templates
  • - Schedule staff training and events
  • - Maintain employee information
track benefits Easily Track Employee Benefits
  • - Track healthcare requests, changes, and updates
  • - Manage vacation, sick leave, PTO, and other time off requests
  • - Facilitate 401K and other employee investment plans
  • - Communicate employee benefit changes, policies, and processes
financial process Streamline Financial Processes
  • - Manage, automate, and communicate payroll processes, requests, updates, and changes
  • - Maintain accounts receivable and payable procedures
  • - Facilitate budget management processes
  • - Submit and track expense reports
manage HR documents Facilitate Document Management & Employee Self Service
  • - Use the Knowledgebase to manage benefit forms, tax forms, and reimbursement forms
  • - Grant access to important documents such as policies, procedures, and the employee handbook
  • - Give employees quick access to common solutions via the self-help Knowledgebase
HR reporting Generate Powerful Reports
  • - Report on common issues and resolutions, including HR incident reporting
  • - Generate reports on individual employee performance
  • - Analyze trends to identify training needs
  • - Create scheduled automatic reports
  • - View key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve processes