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The K-12 Process Management Solution

everything HelpDesk® by GroupLink® is the ideal solution for preventive maintenance. Easy to use scheduler and work flow features allow technicians to stay one step ahead and keep up with facility maintenance before problems arise. The simple submission form provides a quick and efficient way to fix issues as they come and allows for these issues to be tracked throughout the maintenance process.

Facilities and Maintenance Departments

K-12 Facilities and Maintenance Scheduler

By implementing this maintenance scheduling help desk software for schools, you will reduce costs and increase efficiencies of your maintenance and facilities departments and be a key element in shaping the minds of those who will shape our future!

Here's how!

preventive maintenance schedule Define Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Use the schedule calendar utility of this powerful preventative maintenance software to schedule the school's or district's preventive maintenance tasks to run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The utility can also be used to schedule tasks to run on a specific date as well as reoccur for a specific number of times and during an identified time range.

preventative maintenance structure Create Your Preventive Maintenance Structure

Create your preventive maintenance schedule by using the help desk to outline daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks per school or district. Each of these tasks, which can be assigned to a predetermined technician as well as span multiple departments, is a separate ticket with step by step instructions for completing preventive maintenance tasks. Plus, eHD™ gives you the ability to tie assets to these tickets, track any needed repairs or comments in the history record of the ticket and attach images, pictures or files directly to the ticket.

preventive maintenance workflow Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process with Workflow

Streamline preventive maintenance by creating an automated structure with workflow. Setup tickets to launch in sequence, one task will launch once the previous task has closed or launch multiple tickets simultaneously for all your schools or districts. Base this workflow on any status you choose, even custom statuses that you create.

preventive maintenance task Launch Preventive Maintenance Tasks Automatically

Automatically launch tasks using the schedule calendar utility, or manually launch the tasks with a simple mouse click from the same ticket interface.

maximize facilities maintenance efficiency Maximize the Efficiency of Your Facilities Maintenance Technicians

Stay one step ahead of problems or issues with this facilities management software which includes ticket templates. Ticket templates allow you to create a ticket for a common issue and launch that ticket in one simple step. Give your technicians the ability to access a ticket from any web enabled device including the iPhone® and other smartphones. Tickets can also be printed out by the technician to take with them to the location and then turn in.

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