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The K-12 Academic Help Desk Solution

everything HelpDesk® is the ideal school help desk software for your IT Department. This solution features a simple end user form, eye opening reports, full asset tracking, a self-help knowledgebase, and integration with the most popular email and calendar systems including Outlook®/Exchange, GroupWise®, and SMTP email (Gmail, Yahoo!®, Hotmail®, etc.). Because eHD™ is completely web-based, technicians can access their tickets from any web enabled device, including the iPhone® and other smartphones and can be run using any web browser (Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®).

IT Help Desk Solution

Information Technology Department

By implementing this help desk software for schools, you will reduce costs and increase effiency and be a key element in shaping the minds of those who will shape our future!

Here's how!

ticket submission form Easy to Use Ticket Submission Form

Provide your teachers, students and other support staff with an understandable, easy to use, online ticket submission form that they will actually use! The web help desk ticket form can be customized to meet your school's needs and features dynamic routing, which assigns the tickets to specific technicians or groups based on location, category, department and others.

email ticket status update Email Notification of Ticket Status Updates

Keep the lines of communication between teachers and IT staff open with email notification of ticket status updates. IT staff members receive notification when a ticket is submitted and end users receive notifications of ticket updates, changes or completion. everything HelpDesk integrates with GroupWise, Outlook/Exchange and SMTP (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) email clients. This integration also allows technicians to schedule appointments and perform busy searches of end user's calendars.

help desk reports Powerful Reports

Create easy, yet powerful reports to give you key performance indicators (KPIs) which show technician performance, improvements or problems, locations, teachers, students or other school staff that may need extra help or training , and what issues are most problematic. Use these reports to improve your IT department and justify to your superintendent, school board, department of education or other management the costs associated with your IT staff. Also exclusive to eHD, Scheduled Reports allow you to save custom reports with a recurrence pattern to be automatically run and emailed to individuals in the school you select.

asset management Asset Tracker

Manage hardware or software inventory with everything HelpDesk's asset tracker. With the asset tracker, you can easily tie assets to help desk tickets, import assets into the help desk, track vendors, create canned and custom field reports based on your school's assets.

support multiple schools Service School Districts

Support multiple school districts with everything HelpDesk. This solution is used by many Regions, Services Districts and BOCES throughout the United States to service school districts, track the time spent servicing those districts, fulfill SLA's and school contracts and to lower total overall costs (TCO).

knowledge management Self-Help Knowledgebase

Reduce teacher, student and other school staff incident requests with the self-help knowledgebase. everything HelpDesk's knowledgebase features the ability to perform a Google-like search of help desk articles that you can create and customize. Plus, convert closed tickets into knowledgebase articles.

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