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everything HelpDesk® Latest Release Features

Access Control List (ACL)
  • Manage Global Permissions and group level Permission Models
  • Grant rights and privileges to select roles and users
  • Create permission schemes that grant or restrict rights to managers, technicians, users, or individuals within the help desk

Help Desk ACL See it in Action

Decoupled Location Field
  • Tie the Location field to LDAP, which allows it to auto-populate in the Ticket
  • Associate Location to users, even without directory integration
  • Increase the power and functionality of Ticket Templates by allowing Location to be selected on the Pre-Launch page, rather than during initial set-up

Help Desk Hierarchial Flow See it in Action

Remodeled User Interface
  • Simplify the user experience through UI uniformity
  • Facilitate modification and configuration of the help desk with the intuitive UI

Help Desk User Interface See it in Action

Modified Ticket Search
  • More easily select fields to search on
  • Generate Ticket Filters and Reports more quickly and easily

Ticket Search See it in Action

Simplified Technician Assignments
  • Easily create multiple assignments for help desk technicians
  • Better manage the auto-routing of Tickets

Help Desk Technician Assignments See it in Action

ZENworks 11 Integration
  • Tie ZENworks assets to help desk Tickets
  • Remote control assets directly from the help desk Ticket
  • Create troubled ZENworks asset reports
  • More information

Asset Discovery Integration
  • Discover network devices using UVexplorer
  • Import discovered devices into the everything HelpDesk Internal Asset Tracker
  • Tie assets to tickets and report on trouble assets
  • More information