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Stop Losing Money - Here's How!

The everything HelpDesk® is a unique and specialized service desk designed to help organizations streamline, organize, track and report on the human side of IT services and requests. eHD™ provides the solution and support to:

  • Provide better quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests
  • Improve the usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel
  • Increase accessability through a single point of contact, communication and information
  • Augment internal customer service perception and satisfaction

The solution also provides management with the following critical KPI's

  • Staffing/resource usage and allocation
  • Service efficiencies and deficiencies
  • Service performance and target achievement
  • Customer training needs
  • Associated costs of the IT department and its services

All of these key benefits successfully help organizations stop losing money! Below is an ROI calculator and an accompanying explanation sheet. Walk-thru it to see how you can stop losing money.

ROI Calculator for the everything HelpDesk
Finding your savings Current Support Cost Direct Reduction in Support Cost w/ everything HelpDesk Reduced idle time & redundant work Bulk Sum of Reduction in Support Cost w/ everything HelpDesk
Average salary per technician
Annual work hours per year
TOTAL Average support cost per hour
Minutes per hour
TOTAL Average support cost per minute
Average ticket resolution time in minutes
TOTAL Average support cost per minute
Annual Work Tickets
TOTAL Annual Support Cost
TOTAL Savings
Additional benefits can be added from several other (related, but less-weighted) cost savings areas.
Additional benefits can also be added from INCREASED JOB SATISFACTION, and from INCREASED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
The parameters in RED are meant for you to edit, based on your circumstances.
Download as Spreadsheet Accompanying Explanation Sheet