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Featured everything HelpDesk® Success Stories

City of Naperville, Illinois

Historically, the City of Naperville used an in-house, key-based help desk system. This system was very difficult for the majority of employees to use. Jay Carlson, Network Administrator for the City of Naperville, stated, "The first and biggest problem was getting our staff to use it. The system was basically useless unless you were a guru."

Washington County Public Schools

The IT Department at Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) maintains a large network of computers. The department was reliant upon a popular, yet inefficient help desk tool to support its efforts in 46 schools. The previous system used paper forms for incident requests. This system did not allow the support technicians to quickly and effectively access requests, making timely responses impossible.

College of Southern Maryland

As the College of Southern Maryland grew, it became more dependant on its help desk program. The IT staff noticed they were spending too much time maintaining both their directory and their help desk because the two systems were not integrated. With the growth of off-site campuses, the IT staff needed a help desk solution that was web based and allowed them to access and update tickets anytime, anywhere.

Texas State Technical College in Waco

The Texas State Technical College of Waco IT Department found themselves restricted with their eight-year-old database and began searching for a more resourceful and modern solution for their help desk. The hurdles included limited availability and access, paper receipts, and inadequate reporting.

What people are saying about everything HelpDesk

"... Prior to using the GroupLink® helpdesk, we didn't know how many incidents we were solving. The squeaky wheel got the grease and incidents were missed and forgotten. Since implementation, end user satisfaction has increased tremendously..."
-Sandra S., Application Specialist, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

"... You will not regret a single moment of having this software. The fact that it integrates with ZENworks® and Novell® is OUTSTANDING. The reporting features are excellent."
-Tom H., IT Director, Campbellsport School District

"...Our techs are protected from blaming comments. By using the everything HelpDesk solution, they have the security blanket they need, if they ever need it."
-Tim M., IT Director, Dublin Unified School District

"PDA accessability of the everything HelpDesk has allowed my technicians to turn their response time of a help desk request from 5 hours down to minutes."
-John K., HelpDesk Manager, Grinaker-LTA

"The fact it runs on all platforms and that it integrates with eDirectory, ZENworks and GroupWise® email and calendar are awesome. Easy to use and very easy to set up."
-Dan K., HelpDesk Manager, Oconomowoc Area School District

"The question we heard most in IT was, 'What do I do next?' Now with everything HelpDesk we simply point them in the right direction and off they go."
-Jay C., Network Administrator, City of Naperville

"Going from a client install of our previous help desk software to everything HelpDesk, a web-based application, was like going from horse and buggy to fully loaded race car."
-Christel P., Manager of Information Systems, Danville School District

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