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Top 10 Help Desk Mistakes

Top 10 Help Desk Mistakes

There are 10 common blunders made by help desk managers on a daily basis. These mistakes include:

    Top 10 Help Desk Mistakes
  • Improper tracking or reporting on issues
  • Minimizing the lines of communication between technicians and end users
  • Preventing users from solving their own issues by not utilizing a knowledgebase
  • Not leveraging current environment or integrating with infrastructure
  • End users having a difficult time getting their issues resolved
  • Letting help desk staff members' efforts go unnoticed among management and end users
  • Management misunderstanding the importance of the help desk staff
  • Forgetting routine tasks because of excessive work loads
  • Having to access help requests from one desktop computer
  • Losing information on hard and soft assets


A web based help desk solution such as everything HelpDesk® (eHD™) by GroupLink® is ideal for preventing and solving all of these common issues.

The most important part of eHD is the easy end user experience. End users can use the online Knowledgebase to find solutions to their issues without taking time away from technicians. They can also submit problems and requests through the online portal by creating tickets.

After a ticket has been created, technicians can easily view it from any web enabled device including smart phones. This will allow them to make updates even when away from their computer. This in turn will let the end user see the progress of their request, create a single point of contact and keep the lines of communication open between technicians and end users.

To view multiple tickets at once and check on progress, technicians and managers can create ticket filters to run customizable reports. These reports can show what and how many incidents occur, ticket status updates, asset information, and technician workload. These are extremely useful, especially in showing management exactly how much work is being done by their employees.

In addition to incident requests, eHD can be used to automate processes using Ticket Templates that can be launched on a set schedule. This will ensure the Technicians can stay on top of routine tasks in addition to daily help desk requests.

eHD can be integrated in any environment, even mixed environments. Integration also provides SMTP server collaboration with mail servers such as Exchange, GroupWise®, and Gmail™, making it the ideal service desk solution.

The Asset Tracker piece of eHD is a simple tool that will help you manage your hardware and software inventory and the clients they are assigned to. Assets can be imported directly into the help desk, tied to help desk tickets, and reported on with the reporting feature. This will allow your organization to calculate warranty and lease end dates, manage down time of assets, and negotiate with vendors based on how frequently assets are having trouble.

Web Based Benefits

The benefits of GroupLink's powerful web based help desk system are:

  • Online submission forms are simple to submit while getting the necessary information for Technicians
  • Access Tickets from any web enabled device including smartphones
  • Email integration makes notification easy and allows tickets to be created from emails
  • Powerful Reports give Technicians and Managers a quick view of progress
  • The online Knowledgebase helps end users resolve their own issues, cutting down Technician work time
  • Customizability allows the web based solution to be used across multiple departments
  • The internal Asset Tracker allows your organization to view assets associated with trouble tickets
  • Managers can have reports set in the Scheduler to be run and emailed on a regular basis

Help Desk Process Overview

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GroupLink was organized in 1996 to enable our customers to increase revenue, manage customer relationships, and deliver world-class customer service.

GroupLink's mission and vision is to provide our customers with world class best-practices Service Desk & CRM/SFA software. Our goal is to consistently deliver high-performance support services, support materials and products that exceed our customers' expectations and leverage their existing IT investments.

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