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K-12 Help Desk Case Study

Case Study

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) oversees 46 schools (K-12) in Western Maryland with over 2,500 employees and more than 22,000 students. The Technology Department handles all hardware and software issues for each school including the maintenance of every computer within the school network.

The IT Department at WCPS maintains a large network of computers. The department was reliant upon a popular yet insufficient help desk tool to support its efforts in 46 schools. The previous system used paper forms for incident requests. This system did not allow the support technicians to quickly and effectively access requests making timely responses impossible.

The previous system created communication problems between the technicians and the end users. Users were not updated on the progress of their requests and there was often miscommunication regarding incidents.

Additionally, without a central database, the ability to generate accurate, detailed reports was time consuming and tedious. Technicians spent too much time creating reports and not enough time actually handling incident requests.

Solution Web Based Help Desk Success

With paper forms being a very inefficient and ineffective means of incident tracking, it is important for organizations like WCPS to move from a paper system to a web based help desk solution. The change helped the IT Department revamp its approach to problem resolution. Angie von Gersdorff, System Support Specialist for WCPS, mentioned, "The ability to move away from an outdated paper system to a web-based tool has been tremendous success for us. Our techs now have access with any computer that is internet equipped. In fact, they can access the project at hand from the very computer they are working on!"

Technicians are able to keep end users informed about the progress of their incident requests. End users can participate and learn the processes needed to resolve their issues. "By bringing our users into the process, we eliminate repeat inquiries," von Gersdorff said. "By providing [the end users] with the means to see the status of their request, they are more involved and feel like they are part of the solution."

Having information available instantly has reduced the number of phone calls to the WCPS IT Department. "By keeping our schools more informed, we have eliminated guesswork and increased the ability to become an active part of the solution," von Gersdorff stated.

The technicians no longer spend their time shuffling through piles of paperwork and creating paper reports. Instead, they are able to spend their time managing incident requests. Technicians can also easily create powerful, detailed reports with the new online system and set them on a schedule to be automatically created and emailed to any contact.

To maximize the benefits of an online help desk, WCPS chose everything HelpDesk® by GroupLink® as its 100% web based help desk solution. The software's customization and ease of use are exactly what the organization needed for IT success.

Web Based Benefits

The benefits of GroupLink's powerful web based help desk system are:

  • Online submission forms are simple to submit while getting the necessary information for Technicians
  • Access Tickets from any web enabled device including smartphones
  • Email integration makes notification easy and allows tickets to be created from emails
  • Powerful Reports give Technicians and Managers a quick view of progress
  • The online Knowledgebase helps end users resolve their own issues, cutting down Technician work time
  • Customizability allows the web based solution to be used across multiple departments
  • The internal Asset Tracker allows your organization to view assets associated with trouble tickets
  • Managers can have reports set in the Scheduler to be run and emailed on a regular basis

Help Desk Process Overview

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