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ZENworks® Integrated Help Desk Features & Benefits

Search for ZENworks Assets Directly From Tickets
  • View the auto-suggestion for the contact's primary asset
  • Display all other assets which the contact has accessed

Integrate Your ZENworks Database
  • Integrate Sybase®, Oracle®, or MS SQL with everything HelpDesk® (eHD™)
  • Eliminate the need to import or export assets

Tie ZENworks Assets to Tickets
  • Pull ZENworks assets into the eHD Asset Field Box
  • Change or edit the ZENworks assets directly from the Ticket

View Troubled Asset Reports for ZENworks Managed Devices
  • Identify troubled assets and ensure repair before warranty expiration
  • Simply view the ZENworks troubled assets using eHD's powerful reporting tool
  • Show top troubled assets

Access ZENworks Asset Detail Page from within eHD
  • Quickly find the end user's computer asset information
  • Gather ZENworks asset details from within Ticket

See All Past Tickets Tied to ZENworks Assets
  • Observe all Tickets tied to ZENworks assets
  • Reveal Ticket number, Group, Subject, and Status linked to each asset
  • Open each Ticket to view history comments and full Ticket detail

Launch ZENworks Remote Control of an Asset From a Ticket
  • Initiate a remote control session directly from eHD using ZENworks
  • Record each remote control session automatically in the Ticket's History Comments
  • Track Technician name, Asset ID, and time in the History Comment

Run and Save Reports Grouped by ZENworks Assets
  • Search Tickets tied to ZENworks assets
  • Create and save custom reports for each ZENworks asset
  • View reports grouped by ZENworks assets

Other eHD Features
  • Submit requests with the easy-to-use Ticket submission form
  • Access the entirely web based application from any web enabled device
  • Experience world class customer service
  • Integrate with GroupWise® or Outlook®/Exchange calendar and email systems
  • Support on Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and OES
  • Seamlessly integrate authentication through LDAP, with eDirectory™ or Active Directory®
  • Customize the application for multiple departments

About GroupLink®

GroupLink was organized in 1996 to enable our customers to increase revenue, manage customer relationships, and deliver world-class customer service.

GroupLink's mission and vision is to provide our customers with world class best-practices Service Desk & CRM/SFA software. Our goal is to consistently deliver high-performance support services, support materials and products that exceed our customers' expectations and leverage their existing IT investments.

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