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The ZENworks® Integrated Help Desk Solution

ZENworks Configuration Management is the solution for advanced configuration management capabilities, including: remote management, personality migration, standard operating environment (SOE) deployment and maintanence, hardware and software inventory, asset management, optimized application delivery for both desktop and server based applications and much more. More ZENworks Information

However, this solution is missing one critical piece, an integrated help desk. That is where everything HelpDesk® by GroupLink® comes in with the ZENworks integrated service desk solution.

ZEN integrated help desk lower cost of ownership

GroupLink's everything HelpDesk features key integration with ZENworks 7, ZEN10, and now ZENworks 11! By implementing this fully web-based, ZENworks integrated service desk solution you can lower your yearly IT infrastructure costs.

Here's how!

automated reports

Increase efficiency and productivity of your IT staff by automating processes, introducing consistency, reducing errors, and enabling redistribution of resources to deliver increased value.

sybase integrated help desk

Eliminate the costs associated with an additional database as everything HelpDesk integrates with current ZENworks databases (MS SQL Server®, Oracle®, or Sybase® [excluding ZENworks embedded Sybase]).

asset audit trail

Create an asset audit trail that can be used for future analysis and reports to make better decisions about asset purchases and the man hours needed to maintain them.

remote control assets

Reduce support time by launching remote control sessions for ZENworks assets from your everything HelpDesk ticket. (A history comment is made on a ticket stating that a remote control session was started, the technician's name, and a time stamp.)

troubled asset reports

Provide troubled asset reports around faulty hardware and software data, giving you the ability to react before hardware and software warranties expire, and know how frequently assets are having trouble.

lower total overall costs (TCO)

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the help desk and ZENworks.

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